People working with Cam Can


CAM CAN is a family led/run organisation which gives key personnel the advantage of the lived experience and intimate knowledge of the importance of assisting people with disabilities to have a good and fulfilling life in the community. The structure of CAM CAN consists of the CEO Marc Lema, Managing Director Anthea Lema, Director Steve Robinson, three Operations Managers, Rob Erskine, Darrell Andrews and Jackie Beebe, Service Coordinators, Administration Staff and Direct Support Staff.

All people working with CAM CAN regardless of their role are strongly linked to members. Each staff member has a responsibility of directly supporting people.

CAM CAN’s Operations Managers have more than 20 years’ experience in Government and non-Government Human Service Organisations. They have held positions in the past as Local Area Coordinators with the Disability Service Commission or working in the private sector through roles in therapy, education, training and health.  CAM CAN’s Operations Managers are responsible for the day to day operations of the organisation which includes the supervision of CAM CAN Coordinators.

Cam Can Coordinators have been carefully recruited to ensure they have the skills knowledge and experience required to produce high quality support to people with disabilities, their families or carers. Coordinators have various backgrounds including professions such as Psychology, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy. A number of Coordinators also have experience in Local Area Coordination.

CAM CAN Coordinators are responsible for the recruitment of the organisations valuable team of support workers. Each person is recruited individually with a key focus on being someone who shares an interest with that person, lives in and has a good connection with their local community and possesses the will and the skill to be a good support person.

CEO – Marc Lema

Marc has more than 30 years of experience working with people with disabilities. Marc started his career as a Social Trainer working directly with people with disabilities in large institutions in WA. Marc has held a number of positions with the Disability Services Commission including; Senior Social Trainer, Local Area Coordinator, District Manager, Manager Operational Support and Development, Regional Manager LAC and spent a short time as the Principle Adviser to the Minister for Disability Services. Marc was the original Manager of the Community Living Initiative. Marc was instrumental in creating CAM CAN and is the CEO of the organisation. His passion to promote the rights of vulnerable people is unwavering and it is this, together with his personal experience of raising a family including Cameron, a young man with a disability that drives Marc’s commitment to bring about good outcomes for all people.

When Marc is not working, he is a keen Liverpool supporter, following his team closely and enjoys making the most of every opportunity to hang out with his family and friends.

Director: Steve Robinson

Steve is strongly committed to his family and community and plays an active role as part of the leadership team within Cam Can. Now based in Perth after establishing Cam Can operations in the Lower South West Steve has over 25 years of practical experience within government and the human services industry including working with the Disability Services Commission of WA, Aged Care, Juvenile Justice and Community Corrections.

Steve has co-presented with John O’Brien at the Australasian Down Under Institute focussing on Individual Service Design, demonstrated his experience as a skilled facilitator working alongside Heather Simmons (now also part of the Cam Can Team) and has attended training with Michael Kendrick on Optimal Individualised Service Design. Through various roles Steve has gained both the knowledge and practical day to day experience to assist individuals and families in planning and organising their supports from the ground up. Committed to ongoing growth and development Steve is constantly striving to be at the forefront of innovative service design and delivery.

Managing Director: Anthea Lema

As Cameron’s Mum, life experience has taught Anthea that often, life is what you make of it – that there is opportunity where you might least expect to find it. She has felt the pain of being isolated, the hurt and humiliation of having her son rejected on many levels, but also knows the strength that can be drawn from people who are willing and believe in the value of all individuals. Anthea has the highest expectations of CAM CAN and is extremely focussed in her commitment to ensure supports of the highest standards are delivered to members of CAM CAN. Anthea is a strong believer in community and the richness of natural supports in a person’s life. She will be a constant force driving the team at CAM CAN to work towards this ultimate goal in the lives of people they support. On the home front, Anthea enjoys simple things – swimming, canoeing, walking by the river, BBQ’s in the park, chilling with the family and friends, and when time allows, being creative in the kitchen.

Operations Manager – East: Darrell Andrews

Darrell Andrews has worked in disability services since 1996, starting as a support worker while also working in Senior Management and compliance roles. Darrell brought to CAM CAN extensive experience having worked in areas of respite, accommodation and employment within DSC, FaHCSIA and HACC funded services. Darrell spent two years working as a Coordinator with CAM CAN leading to his promotion as Operations Manager in 2014.

Operations Manager – North: Rob Erskine

Rob initially trained as a primary teacher but has worked extensively with people with disability for over 35 years both in Western Australia and interstate. This has included focus areas such as sector change, including programs of deinstitutionalisation, promoting people living in their own homes, staff education through TAFE and in-service training and Local Area Coordination (LAC). He was a Manager, Operational Support and Development in LAC and had a leading role in the implementation of person centred planning approaches within the Disability Services Commission.

He worked at the Mental Health Commission shortly after its establishment in Western Australia. This focused on developing and implementing the move towards individualised supports and funding within the mental health sector. It included a significant role in developing and implementing the Individualised Community Living strategy, supporting people with mental ill health to move out of hospital settings, to live a good life in their own home in the community.

Rob joined Cam Can in 2014 as a Service Coordinator and was appointed as an Operations Manager in June 2015.

He has a grown up family and a long term passion for playing, coaching (and now watching) all levels of baseball and softball with a particular eye on the mighty ‘Cockburn Cougars’.