What we do

CAM CAN is an organisation that provides individually tailored support to vulnerable people and their families/carers. CAM CAN was founded by Marc and Anthea Lema in response to people asking for greater flexibility and control over their resources and in their lives.

CAM CAN assists with holistic individualised planning that is anchored in family, friends and community. It helps people to imagine better, implement their plan and maintain supports that are enduring.

CAM CAN assists you and/or people who know you well to:

  • Manage your supports
  • Share the management of your supports
  • Build strong sustainable plans
  • Implement your plan
  • Help build and maintain relationships
  • Develop skills
  • Ensure you stay connected with your community
  • Design your small business enterprise
  • Be well informed

Who we support

Cam Can supports people who have an intellectual, cognitive, sensory, physical or neurological disability and who are registered with the Disability Services Commission in Western Australia and in receipt of funding support.

We also provide support to other people in the community who need assistance to plan, implement and maintain their community based arrangements.