Compliments and Complaints

Cam Can welcomes your compliments and/or complaints as it provides opportunity for us to continuously improve.

A compliment is where we’ve exceeded your expectations, and you’d like to tell us. Cam Can enjoys receiving compliments as it enables us to build on our strengths.

A complaint is where you have a problem you want addressed. Telling someone about the problem is the most important first step to getting it resolved. In the first instance, we encourage members and/or their representative to talk to their Support Worker or Service Coordinator, as they will often be able to address the problem.

Positive compliments and complaints cultures are a critical part of getting better at the services we provide you. We encourage receiving both.

When people feel comfortable speaking up, they are more likely to report poor practice. We are particularly interested to hear about human rights issues relating to member abuse, neglect, discrimination, exploitation and violence.

The right to speak up is identified in the NDIS Practice Standards, which Cam Can supports.

Your opinion matters. Please see our Compliments and Complaints Policy.

Compliments and Complaints Policy