Cam Can Stories

Member Stories

Cam Can has so many stories we are extremely proud of.  In July 2021, Cam Can celebrated our 10-year anniversary.  To acknowledge such an important milestone, a Commemorative Journal was written which outlines our story and some lives we are so proud to have been a part of.

Read our Commemorative Journal here.

Michael - Navigating his Future

Hello, my name is Michael, and I have been a member of Cam Can since 2011 In the beginning, I was living at home with my mum, stepdad and our dog, and my days were mostly spent playing video games.… click here

Kahlia-Enjoying a Good Life

  Kahlia is a bubbly and vivacious young woman who has embarked on an independent life in her own unit with support. She is a daughter, sister, niece, aunty, granddaughter and friend to many. She has a wicked sense of… click here

Helen's Story

“Cam Can has changed my life forever” I started Cam Can in 2011 meeting Anthea and Marc at my home with my Mum and Connie. I was really excited to get to know all the Cam Can family and they… click here

Fiona-Feeling Confident in Life

Fiona is a vibrant 30-year-old lady who lives in her own home in Donnybrook, a small community in the South West. This is Fiona’s story: I was born with Cri du chat syndrome it is a rare condition. It means… click here

Ben - Making a Difference

A rather serious vehicle accident I was involved in some years back that should have ended my life put me in a position where I can’t 100% look after myself.  I have sustained a vision impairment and my memory isn’t… click here

Trusted Support is Making a Huge Difference for Dylan

Dylan came over to Cam Can in 2019 with many challenges. He was raised in the care of the CEO. He had no other option other than return to the care of his mother after leaving care at 18 years… click here

Georgie - Overcoming the Obstacles

Hi, my name is Georgie George, I want to tell you about my experience in 2020. I have this illness called hoarding disease. I always had a little bit of a problem collecting stuff, but it got to the point… click here

Justin's Kicking Goals!

Since leaving school in 2018, Justin had been very isolated from peers and community engagements. He remained at home for most of 2019 and had also lost contact with the few friendships he had established while at school. While Justin… click here

Nelly's Story - Valuing Her Independence

I live independently on my own in a unit in Busselton and have done for a number of years. I am a happy and friendly person and enjoy the company of others. I have built strong connections with my neighbours.… click here

Cheryl - My Life My Way

I have been a member of Cam Can since the organisation first started and now receive daily support with personal care, social support, and community access. Cam Can is the first agency that I have dealt with that has asked… click here