Cam Can Stories

The Terry Storey

I have been a recipient of Accommodation Support Funding from the Disability Services Commission (DSC) for nearly three years. This funding was obtained by hard work and much time by my Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC) and my friend. Since being… click here

Claire's story - a future of opportunity

In 2007 our daughter, Claire, then 21 was one of the fortunate few to be successful in the CAP application process. Being successful brought a huge amount of relief to us at a very difficult time. Determined to make the… click here

This is your Life.... Paul

In the beginning... I was happily living in Melbourne in East Bentley...working for Honeywell as an IT troubleshooter...and FIFO out of Karratha! I had a very active life including swimming, windsurfing, dancing Zouk at the old town hall in Richmond!… click here

Kendra's Story

After lots of discussion, Margaret, my Service Coordinator, and I decided that I should go on a holiday. We decided on the dates and I had to research where I wanted to go. We decided to go to Club Capricorn… click here

BALI, my trip of a lifetime - by Reece

It all began on the 7th of September 2013 when me, Oscar, my mentor, and my mate Joe went to Bali this was my first time out of Australia. It won’t be my last. We arrived in Bali at about… click here

Sarah's Journey so Far

My Parents emigrated from Ireland to WA in 1992, and I was born in Pinjarra In 1994. I eventually settled in Wickham where I lived with my mum and dad until 2007. I started and completed mainstream primary school in… click here

Jim's Tasty Crops

Jim started with Cam Can in late 2012, his family keen to explore new ways to make the most of his Alternatives to Employment funding. Jim has a passion for researching and collecting things and everyone was keen to explore… click here

Tom's Story

Hi I’m Tom. I have just moved into my own house and am loving it – best move I have made. At first it was ‘crap’ because I missed my mum’s home and I was a bit scared to do… click here

Karl's story

Hi my name is Karl, I would like to share a chapter of my life with you. I live with my dad and I have two support workers (carers). One of my support workers supported me to organise a volunteer… click here

Cheryl and CAM CAN

  For a long time I was physically and emotionally stuck. I spent endless hours waiting for my personal carer to arrive, checking my watch every five minutes, starting at least an hour before she was due. My daily morning shower became a major event.… click here