Important Updates

Members Update: Covid-19 and NDIS Provider Support

We understand many of you may be concerned about how your supports will be affected during this current period of social distancing as a result of the strategies put in place to minimise the spread of the Covid-19. Cam Can is working with the NDIS, to ensure we are able to continue to provide supports to our members.

To ensure flexibility and to assist in the continuity of service by assisting providers to remain viable at this time, the NDIS has made the following changes.

A temporary 10 per cent increase to the price limit of some Core and some Capacity Building supports

Effective 25 March 2020, the NDIA will temporarily increase price limits for some supports. These supports include:

  • Assistance with Daily Life (excluding Supported Independent Living)
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing (excluding personal training)
  • Improved Daily Living Skills

Changes to the cancellation rules

Effective 25 March 2020, participants will be required to give 10 business days’ notice for a cancellation if they want to avoid paying the full fee for a cancelled service. Previously, participants were required to give two business days’ notice.

Cam Can will be implementing the changes as instructed by the NDIS. At this time, we will not have the capacity to alter existing Service Agreements to reflect this. If this is a concern for you, please contact your Service Coordinator to discuss this in more detail. All new Service Agreements will reflect any current NDIS policies and pricing when they are reviewed.

Changes to plans and plan reviews.

Yesterday the NDIA announced that plans will no longer end. On the day your plan is due to expire, the NDIA will automatically extend it for 365 days. You will not need to do anything – it will happen automatically. That way there will be no gaps between plans for anyone to worry about. Please note:

  • Your extended plan will have the same budget and supports as your current plan.
  • The NDIA are trying not to have any face to face meetings at the moment (for obvious reasons). So around the time you are due for a review meeting, the NDIA will contact you to see if you are happy with your current plan. If you are, they will simply extend it for up to 24 months.
  • A more flexible approach to using NDIS funds, including allowing people to switch between core and capacity building categories. This will only happen with the assistance of “specialised” teams of planners. You will need to contact the NDIA if you would like to do this.
  • If you don’t currently have support coordination in your plan you can now use some of your core funding for this purpose.

We expect that there will be more changes from the NDIS in terms of flexibility of delivery of services into the near future. These may affect the way in which services are delivered, how they are claimed, cancellations and pricing. Cam Can will continue to deliver supports in line with any current policies/guideline as set out by the NDIS.

Please visit the NDIS response page to remain up to date with all the NDIA is doing to manage COVID-19.