Whilst our principles and values guide everything we do, we also have a range of policies to support Members and our staff. All of our policies are based on the premise of providing people with disabilities and their families with personalised, tailored support that maximises their control over available resources, decision making and choice. The following policies guide us to achieve this purpose, and to adhere to our values. Due to our individualised approach, there may be times when alternative policy decisions are made for the benefit of Cam Can’s Members.

If you require any of our policies in an alternative format or language, please do not hesitate to contact us.

• Arabic: ‘iidha kunt tatlub ayan min siasatina bitansiq ‘aw lughat badilat , fayurjaa eadam altaradud fi alaitisal bina
• Chinese: Rúguǒ nín xūyào qítā géshì huò yǔyán de wǒmen de rènhé zhèngcè, qǐng suíshí yǔ wǒmen liánxì
• Filipino: Kung kailangan mo ng anuman sa aming mga patakaran sa isang alternatibong format o wika, mangyaring huwag mag-atubiling makipag-ugnay sa amin
• Greek: Eán apaiteíte opoiadípote apó tis politikés mas se enallaktikí morfí í glóssa, mi distásete na epikoinonísete mazí mas
• Hindi: yadi aapako vaikalpik praaroop ya bhaasha mein hamaaree kisee bhee neeti kee aavashyakata hai, to krpaya hamase sampark karane mein sankoch na karen
• Italian: Se hai bisogno di una delle nostre politiche in un formato o una lingua alternativi, non esitare a contattarci.
• Maltese: Jekk teħtieġ xi waħda mill-politiki tagħna f’format jew lingwa alternattiva, jekk jogħġbok, toqgħodx lura milli tikkuntattjana
• Vietnamese: Nếu bạn yêu cầu bất kỳ chính sách nào của chúng tôi ở định dạng hoặc ngôn ngữ thay thế, vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi


Cam Can Policies

Compliments and Complaint Policy

Compliments and Complaints – (Easy Read)

Decision Making and Choice Policy

Individual Needs Policy

Privacy Dignity Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Positive Behaviour Support Policy

Participation and Integration Policy

Restrictive Practices Policy

Restrictive Practices-your-rights (Easy-Read)

Safeguards Policy

Valued Status Policy


NDIS Policies that Guide Cam Can

NDIS Code of Conduct

NDIS Code of Conduct Summary for Workers 1

NDIS Code of Conduct Summary for Workers 2

NDIS Complaints

NDIS Complaints Process

NDIS Incident Poster

NDIS Incident Reporting Fact Sheet

NDIS Reference Card-Is Everyone Safe

NDIS Worker Screening Application Guide

NDIS Price Guide 2020-21