Our Services

Who We Support

Cam Can provides services to people with disability who have Government support, typically NDIS funding.  As at 2022, Cam Can supports over 500 people.  We take great pride in not providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and are very diligent at ensuring each of our 500 Members receive a customised and individualised service.

What We Do

Cam Can is a disability organisation that provides individually tailored support to vulnerable people and their families/carers. Cam Can was founded in response to people asking for greater flexibility and control over their resources and in their lives.

Cam Can assists with holistic individualised planning that is anchored in family, friends and community. It helps people to imagine better, implement their goals, and maintain or build enduring supports.

Cam Can assists you and/or people who know you well to:

  • manage your supports
  • share the management of your supports
  • build strong sustainable plans
  • implement your plan
  • help build and maintain relationships
  • develop skills
  • ensure you stay connected with your community
  • design your small business enterprise
  • be well informed

Cam Can supports people who have a confirmed / approved NDIS (or other) funding plan.  The NDIS enables people to choose three ways to manage their NDIS funding (which can include a mix of all three).   If you don’t have an NDIS plan, but would like to access supports, please discuss this with us.

Option 1: Self-Managed

Members can choose to ‘self-manage’ their funding.  This option gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your goals. This comes with responsibilities, including negotiating and purchasing supports you need, managing your own funding, claiming and paying for supports, and meeting ‘employer’ and NDIS obligations.  People who self-manage their NDIS funding can contract Cam Can to provide some or all services.  Cam Can will invoice you for services we provide after our services are provided.

Option 2: Plan Managed

The NDIS also offers an option to ‘plan manage’. This gives you choice and control over how you use your NDIS funding, with support of a ‘Plan Manager’ to manage your funds and pay your bills.  Cam Can no longer offers this as a standalone option, but we do support existing Members who previously chose this option.

Option 3: NDIA Managed / Full Coordination

This option is for Cam Can to manage all or part of your NDIS funding plan.  This includes:

  • A Cam Can Coordinator being assigned to you as your main contact point. The Coordinator will meet with you to discuss how you would like your plan implemented to achieve your goals.  During this conversation, please let the Coordinator know which parts of your NDIS plan you would like Cam Can to provide.  Other agencies can also provide other parts of your NDIS plan. The Coordinator will discuss this in more detail when you first meet.
  • Ongoing access to a Cam Can Coordinator to assist you to manage your government funding and identify the best supports to meet your needs and aspirations. A Cam Can ‘Coordinator’ is different from an NDIS ‘Support Coordinator’ – please ask us if you are unclear about the difference.
  • Full assistance to recruit and manage support staff to provide services. We do this with you, not to you.  At Cam Can, we believe you need to be happy with Support Workers and are in control of decisions. We invite you to be involved in selecting your own support staff.
  • Financial and outcome reporting to the NDIS in line with your plan.

If you are happy with Cam Can and decide to become a Member, an Agreement between you and Cam Can will be developed.  The Agreement will outline supports provided, and rates to be charged.  Additional expenses (i.e. things not included in your NDIS/Government funding) are your responsibility.  Examples include entrance fees, event tickets and meals.  More information on Agreements is provided in our Welcome Pack (Welcome Pack)

Our Responsibilities

Cam Can aims to develop a productive working relationship with Members and their family/friends.  We will communicate with you directly, and all key decisions will be made together.  We also commit to:

  • provide supports to meet your needs.
  • outline services within the Agreement.
  • talk to you about how we best communicate with each other, including contact frequency, responsiveness, what to contact about, to whom and when.
  • be responsive to your questions, responding to phone calls, e-mails and texts within 1 business day. If the matter is urgent, a phone call is suggested, as well as a text.
  • meet once a month, or as agreed. Meetings may be more frequent if this is important to you.
  • provide you with information on how to give us feedback, including compliments and complaints. At Cam Can, we believe both are an opportunity to continuously improve our services. We commit to listen, and strive to resolve problems as quickly as possible.
  • treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • comply with legal obligations, including duty of care and the disclosure of certain information.

Your Responsibilities

We also ask Members and their family/friends to agree to the following:

  • Let us know how you would like services and supports
  • Talk to your Cam Can Coordinator if you are concerned about any support provided.
  • Give the Cam Can Coordinator adequate notice if a service needs to be cancelled or rescheduled (Cam Can adopts the NDIS short notice cancellation policy).
  • Let Cam Can know immediately if your NDIS funding ceases, is suspended, or is replaced by a new funding
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and Like our Members, they are very important to us.
  • Work with us to ensure support is provided in a safe This is important for you, your family/friends, and our staff. If we have concerns, we have a duty to raise any issues to ensure we provide services in a safe environment for everyone.
  • Partner with us to use the expertise of allied health professionals to help identify safe ways to provide supports, when these are listed in your NDIS
  • Advise us of any practices which are not in the interests of the Member, Cam Can and/or the NDIS. This may include, but is not limited to, unsafe, unlawful and/or concerning practices and behaviours relating to services, support and funding.

Where you can find us

Cam Can operates in the Perth metropolitan area (we have offices in Como and Joondalup) and in some parts of regional Western Australia.  We have a great presence in the Lower South-West of Western Australia with offices based in Rockingham, Busselton and Bunbury.  Cam Can’s supports extend to regional towns including Margaret River, Augusta, Pemberton, Bridgetown, Manjimup, Nannup, Donnybrook, Esperance, Kalgoorlie and many more.