Your Responsibilities

We also ask Members and their family/friends to agree to the following:

  • Let us know how you would like services and supports
  • Talk to your Cam Can Coordinator if you are concerned about any support provided.
  • Give the Cam Can Coordinator adequate notice if a service needs to be cancelled or rescheduled (Cam Can adopts the NDIS short notice cancellation policy).
  • Let Cam Can know immediately if your NDIS funding ceases, is suspended, or is replaced by a new funding
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and Like our Members, they are very important to us.
  • Work with us to ensure support is provided in a safe This is important for you, your family/friends, and our staff. If we have concerns, we have a duty to raise any issues to ensure we provide services in a safe environment for everyone.
  • Partner with us to use the expertise of allied health professionals to help identify safe ways to provide supports, when these are listed in your NDIS
  • Advise us of any practices which are not in the interests of the Member, Cam Can and/or the NDIS. This may include, but is not limited to, unsafe, unlawful and/or concerning practices and behaviours relating to services, support and funding.