Our Board

The Board of CAM CAN Incorporated comprises a group of eight people who have been elected by members to jointly oversee the activities of the organisation. Each of these individuals brings a broad range of outside experience and perspective to the board.

Our Vision: Standing Strong Together

Our Purpose Statement

Cam Can assists people with disabilities and their families to create innovative, personalised, flexible and sustainable arrangements that maximise their control over available resources, decision making and choice.

Our Values

Cam Can believes that:

  • People with disabilities have authority over their own lives.
  • Wherever possible and to the extent that they wish, people with disabilities will have control over their own supports and services.
  • People with disabilities belong in the community of their choice.
  • Family and friends are the most enduring support a person can have.
  • Communities benefit from the active involvement of all its citizens no matter what their challenge.
  • Every person has the capacity to contribute.
  • Everyone has the capacity to continue to learn throughout the course of their lives.