BALI, my trip of a lifetime – by Reece

It all began on the 7th of September 2013 when me, Oscar, my mentor, and my mate Joe went to Bali this was my first time out of Australia. It won’t be my last.

We arrived in Bali at about 7:30pm the plane was delayed for two hours so we were pretty tired, hungry and thirsty. When we got to Bali my first impression was this place has bad sewage because it smelt bad!

None the less we went and had dinner a Kuta Puri Restaurant and had a great ribs, chips and salad for dinner and had some Bintang. We went back to The Mercure Hotel where we were staying. It was a good hotel I found it to be very clean and tidy and the service was good. We woke up the next morning and went and had a buffet breakfast. It had a range of food to choose from. You could have cereal and Indonesian type foods like fried rice, noodles and so on. I loved every minute of it of it so did the boys. We went walking around Kuta and done some shopping for family and friends back home in WA.

We also went out to dinner with some of Oscar’s friends who we bumped into one BALI 2013 MY TRIP OF A LIFETIME by Reece night. They seemed cool. We had some beers and a laugh on the beach near Legian and then went to dinner. I had a hamburger and chips (really indonesian, not!) lol

I couldn’t finish the whole thing due to a big lunch I had earlier that day and we went to a pub called Secret Garden. Oscar’s mate Ron owns it and we got to see some gigs by some local bands. We had a smashing time and had some good times and experiences there. I would recommend going there to anyone going to Bali.

After a week of us being there Oscar’s fiancée Trish came to join the party. Trish is my former LAC and a nice lady. We had some beers at the Argus’s Bar which is It all began on the 7th of September 2013 when me, Oscar, my mentor, and my mate Joe went to Bali this was my first time out of Australia. It won’t be my last. CAM CAN Standing Strong Together 15 located on Kuta Beach. I found it to be awesome and the service was really friendly.

We also went on a fishing trip on the second last day we were there we woke up at 6am in the morning to go out on a boat for half the day I caught two fish. Joe caught 13. He was in his element, god bless him. It was fun even though I got sea sick. We went back to shore and the crew cooked the fish and served rice and fruit with it… and we had a Bintang.

It was a fantastic experience and I loved it.

Another good feature about Bali was our hotel’s swimming pool called “the Infinity Pool”. It is called the Infinity Pool because of its view of nothing but the ocean. It is quite pleasant and relaxing. I went swimming in it most nights just to wind down from the craziness of the day and all the bartering of people trying to sell us things (we just said no to them).

I found Bali to be a little bit of a culture shock and it made me appreciate home more and what I have got. Seeing how they live made me realise how good I have got it. I also saw the rice paddy fields and we got a full body massage, pedicure and manicure which was really nice. I rather enjoyed it!

When it came time for fly out day on the 18th of September I was happy and sad. Happy because I was going home to see my family and friends but sad because I did not know when I was going back to Bali. I have got future plans of going back. We got another massage before we went home then we got a taxi to the airport and got on a plane. I Ioved it when the plane took off and when it landed back in Perth.

When I got home I was happy to see my mum and stepdad and they loved seeing me. I owe a lot to Oscar and Trish and Cam Can for putting this trip together. So thank you guys.