Cheryl – My Life My Way

I have been a member of Cam Can since the organisation first started and now receive daily support with personal care, social support, and community access. Cam Can is the first agency that I have dealt with that has asked me what I wanted and has supported me the way I want to be supported. For example, when new Support Workers join my team, I can advise them on how I would like to be supported and answer any questions they may have.

As a result of this, Cam Can have provided me the space to grow as a person, mature, and build confidence. When I first started with Cam Can my Support Workers would do things for me, and over the years supporting my independence has become more of a team effort. I now work with my support workers, Service Coordinator, and other Cam Can staff to create the life I want.

I can contact my coordinator and have a say in all decisions that impact me. I have not had this experience with other agencies and believe that Cam Can is a person-centred agency.

Furthermore, I have found Cam Can is an agency that is easy to approach as there is less red tape and hoops to jump.

Cam Can is providing me ongoing support by encouraging me to get involved in activities I enjoy eg. my eyesight group in the city once a month where I socialise with other people with vision impairment.

I love painting and doing craft as a therapy to manage my anxiety and make gifts for my family and friends. My support staff encourage and support me to stretch myself a little bit further, learn new skills and become a little more independent. They give me the space to test myself, make sure I am safe and being realistic. I also enjoy cooking and baking things like a chocolate mud cake, cupcakes, peanut butter biscuits and zucchini pie with the help of my support staff.

Cam Can is going to support me to go back to study so I can become a disability advocate which is my life long goal.