Fiona-Feeling Confident in Life

Fiona is a vibrant 30-year-old lady who lives in her own home in Donnybrook, a small community in the South West.

This is Fiona’s story: I was born with Cri du chat syndrome it is a rare condition.

It means I was born with some difficulties.

Some of them are problems with speech and communication.

So, I need some help and support to live my life the way I want.

I have been with Cam Can for 5 years and I now have lots of choice and control in my life.

I have a beautiful team of support workers and I am happy with my supports as they let me make choices and they listen to me.

I do my banking, budgeting, shopping, art classes, exercise, cooking, ride my bike, swimming and a variety of social activities. My team are willing to give anything a go.

I have meal preparation to assist me with learning how to cook healthy, yummy meals.

I wanted to be able to do some work that was meaningful. My support worker helped me to get volunteer work at the dementia ward at the local hospital. I enjoy working at the hospital.

Before I could work I had to complete a dementia course which I passed. I also get to wear a uniform just like everyone else. The older patients say they are happy to see me.

I have been doing art classes now for a few years and have made some amazing things.

I think I am very good at it thanks to my support worker, she teaches and inspires me.

I have recently been experiencing neurological seizures which are scary and can happen at any time. I rely on my support workers to assist me when this happens, I have been taken to the hospital several times. My support workers know exactly what to say and do to assist me.

Since I have been with Cam Can my life has changed so much, it is incredible.

I am more independent and happy.

I want to thank my Mum for always being there for me and helping me along the way.

I also want to thank my support workers; I would be lost without them.

I want to thank Cam Can, my coordinator Tina, and Team Fiona for being flexible and helping me to have a happier more confident life.