Jim’s Tasty Crops

Jim started with Cam Can in late 2012, his family keen to explore new ways to make the most of his Alternatives to Employment funding. Jim has a passion for researching and collecting things and everyone was keen to explore ways to use these passions and skills to involve Jim more actively in life.

When Jim expressed an interest in growing strawberries and work was needed on the family backyard the seed of an idea germinated. Jim began research on “tasty crops” to grow and with advice from a service with expertise in home farming and some hard work the backyard was transformed.

Jim has now harvested many of his tasty crops and has shared them with his neighbours and friends. Jim frequently studies the effects that weather, the seasons and pests have on his crops researching not only in the library and online but now in the garden too. Jim’s garden is a renewable learning experience. Jim even tries his own crops (something no one expected).

“This garden has had Jim look outside himself to the world around him,” says Cristina, his mum. “Jim has become actively interested in recipes we cook from around the world. Especially when he gets to harvest his tasty crops to add to the meal.