Kahlia-Enjoying a Good Life


Kahlia is a bubbly and vivacious young woman who has embarked on an independent life in her own unit with support. She is a daughter, sister, niece, aunty, granddaughter and friend to many. She has a wicked sense of humour and enjoys playful banter with those around her. Kahlia is well-known in the wider Bunbury community where she participates in a range of leisure, sporting and recreation activities.

Kahlia commenced her journey with Cam Can in November 2018 and is supported by a team of support workers of her choosing. Kahlia is very skilled at recruiting and training her support workers. Kahlia has been learning new skills that enhance the independent life she wants.

Kahlia loves socialising and can often be found on a Friday night, singing up a storm at the local Karaoke bar. She is an extremely loving and caring person, in particular towards the older generation, babies, and animals. Kahila also enjoys playing games, including Uno and Monopoly. Over the past year she has discovered a love of camping and music festivals. She has also enjoyed entertaining her friends and family in her own home.

In recent times, Kahlia has been exploring the world of employment and is looking to secure a part time role at Kmart.

Like Cam Can, Kahlia is celebrating a milestone birthday this year and is busily organising her 30th Birthday party!!