Karl’s story

Hi my name is Karl,

I would like to share a chapter of my life with you.

I live with my dad and I have two support workers (carers). One of my support workers supported me to organise a volunteer position with the k9 animal rescue centre which I am so happy and proud that I got a volunteer position as I love dogs.

First I had to do an induction with my carer Chrissy as she was the one who would be supporting me to achieve being a part of the k9 animal rescue centre team.

I am supported to do various jobs such as chop up dog food, wash their bedding, hang the washing out, pack the clean washing away and some times have one of the dogs out while I do my jobs. I do this every Tuesday and the whole team at k9 are very supportive and welcoming.

Iā€™m pumped to tell you about this successful chapter in my life and look forward to tell you some more in the near future.

Thanks for listening