Kendra’s Story

After lots of discussion, Margaret, my Service Coordinator, and I decided that I should go on a holiday.

We decided on the dates and I had to research where I wanted to go. We decided to go to Club Capricorn in Yanchep, and ask Jacqueline to come.

I had to do some research to work out what we were going to do there, how much it would cost, and on what days we were going to do the activities. We also had to work out what to do if it rained.

We had to find out if they accepted my pension and Companion Card. I had to find out when everything was open.

I had to work out a menu with my companion Jacqueline. She is a vegetarian. I had to find recipes that we could both eat. I chose Spaghetti Bolognaise made with vegetable mince for one meal. We used the left over sauce to make pizza the next night.

I had to work out the recipes and make out a list of ingredients for two main meals, two cooked breakfasts and one lunch (we also bought one lunch), and snacks.

Then I went to two supermarkets and priced all the food. I worked out which shop was the cheapest and gave the budget for the food and activities, to Margaret.

Margaret put the money into my account and I paid for everything with my card. We got to Club Capricorn early and checked in and put our things in the fridge and freezer, and then went to Yanchep National Park.

We bought our lunch at the park and ate it before going caving. Caving was fantastic and interesting. I learned lots! Afterwards we went back to our unit and relaxed at the beach.

Jacqueline wouldn’t let me cook, so I helped. It was scrumptious! Jacqueline washed up and I dried the first night.

On Friday I cooked the bacon and eggs for breakfast. lt was yummy.

We made our picnic lunch before going off for the day.

We went to the Gravity Centre for the morning. lt was very interesting and I loved it. Jacqueline didn’t like the Leaning Tower. But I convinced her to do it anyway.

We had our picnic lunch at the Gravity Centre and then we went for a walk to make a booking for the Observatory for that night, but it was booked out.

We went back to our chalet and relaxed, playing card games.

While the sun was setting over the ocean, Jacqueline made her pizza and t made my own.

After dinner, we played Yatzee and watched some TV. I read to Jacqueline from my travel diaries before bed.

Next morning, I cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs and tomato.

We shared the cleaning up and then we packed up and put our bags in the car, and checked out. I gave the keys back at the desk.

We then went sightseeing to Two Rocks Shopping Centre. We walked around and saw everything there. I wanted to go to the beach to play Yatzee but Jacqueline wanted to go to the shopping centre to find a table.

We then went to see a beach but we couldn’t get down to it. lt was a lookout.

Then we made tracks home.

My holiday was successful because I had fun and learned heaps about planning a holiday, and sharing with someone I don’t know very well. I learned too that you had to co-operate and be flexible. I had a great time!

Thank you Cam Can and Margaret for suggesting it and making it happen.