Michael – Navigating his Future

Hello, my name is Michael, and I have been a member of Cam Can since 2011

In the beginning, I was living at home with my mum, stepdad and our dog, and my days were mostly spent playing video games. My support mainly included help with cooking and cleaning, with the occasional trip to the shops. My mum’s health declined rapidly during this period, and I decided to move out to let her rest and gain my independence. I moved in with my Support Worker under a Host Family Arrangement, who I still live with and see as my housemate.

It was around this time when I was asked if I would like to have a go supporting Cameron, which I still occasionally do to this day.

I also got a job at IGA stocking the shelves and learned to catch the bus and train there and back by myself, which I was very proud of. I held this job for over a year, before moving on to a position at Kmart distribution centre, where I learned lots of new skills and met lots of people. After a few years of this job, I watched less experienced people get promoted over me, so I decided to leave. After this, I did a few courses to learn more skills and work out what I would like to do. I completed a crowd controller course, and a carers course, including prac. at an aged care facility. I had great ambition to continue caring, but COVID came and stopped my ability to progress. I recently started work at a band rehearsal studio, setting up rooms and collecting payments, and am enjoying the laidback nature of the work.

After so many years living away from my parents,I have learned lots of living skills, and now live every independently in my own granny flat.