The Terry Storey

I have been a recipient of Accommodation Support Funding from the Disability Services Commission (DSC) for nearly three years. This funding was obtained by hard work and much time by my Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC) and my friend. Since being in receipt of this funding I have used the majority of Support Agencies on the Commission’s contracted list of such agencies. Due to various reasons, from not turning up when scheduled or putting in place a support plan that suited their staffing situation but not my needs, I had exhausted all avenues to get the professional help I needed. That was until my LAC informed me of a new agency on the DSC’s list of Support Agencies. That agency was Cam’ Can.

From my initial meeting with Marc Lema from Cam’ Can at my home I could feel that Mr Lema was in the business of truly caring for people with needs as a result of their disability. When I spoke to Marc about all the issues that I had had with the agencies on the DSC’s list he informed me that he has a child, now a man, with a disability and that he had experienced ,on a first hand basis, similar issues when dealing with DSC and the Support Agencies on their contracted list. He said he could relate to my feeling of ‘banging my head against a wall’ when dealing with DSC and trying to get an agency to meet my needs and not what they could provide in a time suitable to them.

After this meeting I had no hesitation to get my LAC to arrange for Cam’ Can to become my service provider on a trial basis. Their co-ordinator, Chris Havercroft, came to my place and ‘together’ we put together a care plan that suited me. The next step in the process was to get a carer that would be suitable for me and my needs and in that they made a great choice in choosing Polly Coufos. It seems that Cam’ Can place great importance in obtaining and matching a suitable carer for you, to meet your needs and also to treat you as a ‘human being’.

In closing, I can say that my carer, Polly Coufos, is now not only my care provider but also my friend. From my experience with Cam’ Can I can honestly say that they are truly in their position of care providers to provide CARE first and foremost to their clients. All their staff that I have dealt with are in this game to provide CARE. This was something that was, unfortunately, sadly lacking and was not the major priority of the other Support Agencies that I dealt with.